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Low Voltage Switchboards

Low Voltage Switchboards

Saftronics provides a tried and tested range of BS EN 60439-1:1999 compliant switchboards for distributing power around buildings and industrial plants. We use established designs to provide assemblies that are both reliable and flexible, offering a total solution for every aspect of building management control, including the most sophisticated of infrastructures.

A wide range of control options includes DCS, PLC and BMS interfaces, and standard construction enables short lead times and economical solutions. Compact assemblies allow efficient use of available floor space, and the versatile enclosure design makes future extension straightforward.

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Additional benefits include:

  • Modular design, manufactured in individual tiers
  • Enclosures available in a range of colours
  • Easy installation and cabling
  • Wide range of instruments and metering
  • ASTA/KEMA certified busbar systems, corner units and bus bridges, increasing design flexibility

We also provide a range of expert support services including:

  • Full installation, site testing and commissioning
  • Ongoing technical support and advice
  • Comprehensive warranty on all products

Please contact us for more information about our low voltage switchboards.

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