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Motor Control Centres

Motor Control Centres

Saftronics’ motor control centres provide both conventional and intelligent solutions that offer outstanding reliability and functionality. We have been designing motor control centres for decades, and own the copyright and intellectual property rights for all our metalwork and busbar systems.

All our products have been rigorously and independently tested, and comply with all industry standards, health and safety requirements and relevant certifications.

We're In Control

Manufacture is totally under our control, with all work carried out by our in-house specialists at our modern design, production and testing facilities in Leeds. All metalwork is designed using 3D modelling and we use only field-proven components from world class suppliers.

Maximum design flexibility is provided by our use of ASTA/KEMA certified corner units, bus bridges and rear connection boxes for top-rear cable entry We also use the latest CNC technology to provide precision-built, custom-made enclosures.

In addition, we offer:

  • Full installation, site testing and commissioning services
  • Detailed operation and maintenance manuals
  • Technical support and advice
  • Comprehensive warranty on all products

Please contact us for more information about our motor control centre products and services.

Intelligent motor control centres

Intelligent design motor control centres minimise the number of components required as various functions are integrated into single intelligent devices. We offer a wide range of third generation intelligent motor control centres in either a fixed pattern or withdrawable design, all of which are BS EN 60439-1:1999 compliant.

The considerable benefits of intelligent motor control centres include:

  • Reduced civil costs
  • Time and cost savings
  • Increased safety
  • Improved diagnostics
  • Higher availability
  • Microprocessor-based control
  • Replacement of hardwiring with network technology
  • Energy and load management systems
  • Predictive maintenance capability

In addition, the enhanced diagnostic or protective functionality allows the user to:

  • Monitor the status of all motors
  • Monitor key voltages and currents
  • Ensure that the plant operates correctly and efficiently
  • Analyse operational problems

Withdrawable motor control centres

Withdrawable motor control centres provide:

  • Greater stacking densities
  • Easier upgrades and incorporation of new equipment
  • Safe and fast compartment changing – particularly useful for industries where processes continually change
  • Clearly visible warning of disconnected compartments, offering greater safety

We provide a range of conventional and intelligent withdrawable motor control centres, all of which are BS EN 60439 Part 1 & 2:2009 compliant and offer proven reliability and long life.

Features include:

  • 3-pole and 4-pole busbars, rating up to 7400 A
  • withdrawable units available in a range of space-saving sizes
  • standard operating interface for all withdrawable units
  • built-in protection against malfunction
  • maximum personnel and system safety in the event of an arcing fault, in accordance with IEC61641
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