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30 years experience of the design and manufacture of Motor Control Centres and Process Control Systems have seen significant changes in enclosure design. The latest offering from Saftronics designed on 3D modelling systems has all the inherent features and functionality you would expect, together with significant advantages not seen before in an enclosure product of this type.

We're In Control

SafSmart was designed to provide benefits to all users and now boasts:

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint during enclosure fabrication
  • Increased flexibility to accommodate changes
  • Reduced cost of construction
  • Increased usable internal working area
  • Reduced assembly time
  • Increased access areas and facilities
  • Reduced overall length of assemblies
  • Increased Quality of fabrication

SafSmart is the first Modular Mcc/Switchboard assembly enclosure offered by Saftronics. Produced entirely using the latest CNC metal forming technology SafSmart is assembled from a range of pre-formed galvanised pieces which together allow multiple varieties of sizes and overall dimensions to suit each application.

SafSmart reduces the shop floor building time due to the ease of assembly using the inbuilt precision design features of each section of metalwork while retaining the strength and integrity of our traditional enclosures.

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