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SIVACON motor control centres

SIVACON motor control centres

Saftronics is proud to be a SIVACON Technology Partner with Siemens. SIVACON is a globally renowned product that can be used at all power levels up to 7400A in a withdrawable, plug-in or fixed-mounted unit format.

The SIVACON low-voltage switchboard is the standard solution for building and industrial technology. It is fully compliant with BS EN 61439 Parts 1 & 2:2009 (by verification tests) for use in both normal and fault conditions. Rigorous tests have proven its reliability and safety. 

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The SIVACON low-voltage switchboard features:

  • Design verification by verification tests
  • Standardized busbar position on the top of the cubicle
  • 3 and 4-pole busbar system up to 7400 A
  • Rated peak withstand current Ipk up to 375 kA
  • Deep switchgear compartment for universal installation
  • Modular structure of device compartments
  • Single-front and double-front installation
  • Cable lead-in from above or below 
  • Up to 18 withdrawable units in a single vertical cubicle
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