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Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

Electrical design and engineering is at the heart of everything we do covering the fundamentals of power, electronics, signal processing, control systems and communications. Each of these is, in its own right, a significant discipline covered by sizable compliance, principals and standards. Combined they represent a substantial collective pool of knowledge and expertise employed by Saftronics in the production of our control products and systems.

Through our electrical engineering designers and operations staff, we apply our extensive know-how to create and develop intelligent motor control centres, switchboards and the control panels for our process control systems.

The combination of electrical engineering and software design means we can identify, innovate and create fully integrated solutions to meet clients’ requirements. Our well proven design and manufacturing methods offer clients a mix of pioneering systems that are tested, reliable, fully functional and “spec” compliant.

We continually invest in the best technology in the pursuit of efficiencies and added value the benefits of which we can pass to our customers.

We're In Control

Control and automation software

As software solution providers for leading worldwide names such as Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi Electric, Wonderware and In Touch, you can be sure that our in-house software development experts are unrivalled leaders in their field.

Over the years, we have become widely respected for our ability to develop groundbreaking software solutions for process control systems – highly sophisticated in functionality, yet reliable, straightforward to use, and easy to maintain.

All our software products are rigorously tested and documentation is provided for each project phase. We are members of the PROFIBUS Association  and are BS EN ISO 9001:2008 TickIT approved.

Our software development services include:

  • Integrated DCS control systems
  • Standalone PLCs, each with an HMI, interconnected via communications networks
  • Multiple PLCs and HMIs interconnected by fibre optic networks
  • Modifications and extensions to PLCs
  • Full-site control systems, including multiple PLCs and SCADA terminals
  • SCADA upgrade or replacement
  • Retro-fitting of SCADA systems on existing PLC networks
  • Replacement of outdated SCADA systems

Please contact us for more information about our software development services.

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