Working with Us

Working with Us

Saftronics combines engineering and technical pre-eminence with an absolute commitment to putting customers first.

Our unrivalled reputation as problem-solving innovators is matched only by our determination to focus on delivering what our customers require - on or ahead of schedule. This client-led approach also ensures that we take responsibility for controlling project costs – without compromising on levels of service, product quality, or attention to detail.

We take a flexible approach at all times, and will happily share our technological know-how and in-depth knowledge for the benefit of our clients – this even extends to working withour competitors on some projects. We have a large, modern and fully-equipped factory which clients are welcome to visit, and we are equally happy embedding our engineering services at customer sites.
We're In Control

Our dedicated project managers will work in close partnership with you, using their long experience and proactive initiative to become an invaluable member of your problem-solving team. We welcome the opportunity to become involved at the earliest stage of your project, and always plan to stay involved as long-term and trusted partners.

Our many years’ experience in this field means we have the skills and expertise to take on and manage large and complex projects across all industry sectors. We are well placed to call on the in-depth knowledge of our partner organisations, and are proud of our own in-house team of highly skilled and motivated engineers, electronics specialists and software experts.

We all look forward toworking closely with you.

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