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Case Studies

Case Studies

Water - Treatment Works/ H1

Key Features:

  • Siemens S7 PLCs
  • Siemens MP277 HMIs
  • Siemens Simocode intelligent MCCs
  • Siemens WinCC SCADA
  • Fibre Optic Ethernet/Profibus Network
  • Design Consultancy
  • Control Systems Engineering
  • Collaborative approach

Project Overview


A strategically important Water Treatment Works supplying clean water to a Northern UK region.


Due to its limited throughput of 11.2 MLD, over the past few years, the plant faced increasing difficulties in meeting water demand and had various problems with water quality.


These limitations were recognised by our customer, and in 2008, Saftronics was selected to implement the systems integration aspects of a significant investment program which aimed to improve both the quantity and quality of water provided by the plant.


Scope of Works


Saftronics’ scope of works amounted to a comprehensive renewal and upgrade programme of the site’s process control infrastructure. This included the supply of 2 new intelligent MCCs with associated PLCs and HMIs, the design and implementation of a new site wide fibre optic network, the replacement of an obsolete SCADA system, and substantial modifications to existing PLC control systems.


Technology Platform


A new Siemens S7 PLC control system and MP277 HMI were installed to control an expanded and upgraded Borehole pumping station. The pre-existing S7 PLC system was re-utilised as a Profibus remote I/O rack, minimising disruption and downtime during the phased implementation of the new control regime.


The new and existing Borehole starters were fitted with Siemens Simocode units, providing extended power monitoring and diagnostic information to the client.


The existing Siemens S7 control system in the main works was modified to incorporate the new chemical dosing system, water softening unit, high lift pumping station and works flow control algorithm. This involved the addition of a new Profibus remote I/O rack, extensive PLC code modifications and the provision of Ethernet connectivity. A new MP277 HMI was supplied and programmed to replace the existing obsolete unit.


The new Membrane plant intelligent MCC was also based on the Siemens S7 platform. While Saftronics supplied the MCC, the control system was designed and implemented by a specialist third party contractor. This required a flexible collaborative approach given the need for consistency and interconnectivity across the site.


All site PLCs both new and existing were connected to a new site wide fibre optic communications network. The network was designed and implemented by Saftronics using Siemens Scalance X204 managed switches, allowing both Ethernet and Profibus (via Optical Link Modules) communication between PLCs and the new site SCADA system.


The new SCADA system was developed based on the Siemens WinCC platform. This replaced the existing obsolete system providing the client with enhanced monitoring and control of the entire site.


Due to the strategic importance of the site, maintaining it in a fully operable condition throughout the project lifecycle was essential. This was successfully achieved by adopting a phased approach to the project and by working collaboratively and flexibly with the client and third party contractors. This approach enabled the project to be delivered successfully both on time and to budget. The site is now supplying 16.2 MLD of quality water to our clients customers.

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