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Case Studies

Case Studies

Raw Water - Treatment/ LT1

 Key Features:

  • Control Engineering
  • Design Consultancy
  • Emerson SCADA
  • Fibre Ethernet Ring using Siemens Scalance Switches
  • Profibus PLC to PLC Communication and Modbus over TCP/IP Communication to SCADA
  • Siemen’s 4 off S7  PLCs with Remote I/O
  • 3 off Siemens 277 HMI’s
  • 17 Local Control Panels
  • Expansion of the existing site wide SCADA system

Site Overview


This treatment works, taking raw water from a reservoir consists of a newly built Actiflo and Multiflo plants which have been installed by Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies.   The MCC and Systems Integration have been carried out by Saftronics.


Project Overview


The Actiflo plant is a sand ballasted high-rate lamella clarifier, provided for the removal of solids and organic matter from water taken from the reservoir via a turbine. From the turbine discharge tank raw water is taken by gravity to the new Actiflo clarifier plant which removes most of the colour and turbidity from the water.  The maximum design flow of the Actiflo plant is 88.95Ml/d (3,706 m3/hr), Several ancillary items make up the Actiflo plant which consists of Microsand Storage Transfer, Polyaluminium Chloride Storage and Dosing, Sodium Hydroxide Storage and Dosing, Polymer Preparation and Dosing.


The Multiflo plant is a high-rate lamella clarifier provided for thickening of sludge which is produced from the Actiflo plant.  Two stainless steel units are provided, each of which treats half of the maximum flow i.e each will treat 47 m3/hr of sludge produced by one Actiflo stream.  These operating conditions maintain the supernatant turbidity below the maximum 10 NTU specified while providing a sludge dryness of not less than 5%.


Scope Of Works


In 2008 Saftronics were appointed to provide and implement a thorough plant control system which included for the supply and installation of 4 MCCs c/w Siemens PLC and HMI’s all communicating with each other over a local Profibus communication network.  The new PLC’s were also configured to communicate to new package plant supplied by others.  One of the new MCC PLC’s is used to communicate with an existing Emerson’s (formally known as Bristol Babcock) site SCADA where the communication protocol used is by Modbus over IP.


Saftronics project managed Emerson to upgrade the existing site SCADA to accommodate the new plant mimics and also include for the upgrade of the existing DCS control system.


Technology Platform


The site SCADA system utilises a Emerson Open Enterprise / NW3000 system that is standalone in so much as it has its own server database.  The above site SCADA is connected to the Lomond scheme SCADA system, which also has its own server database, via means of a single microwave link into the Lomond schemes bi-directional microwave communication link.  The link allows for remote control and indication outside the client’s normal manned hours to be carried out by the Lomond scheme.


During the process plant upgrade the site was maintained fully operational at all times. This was achieved through close collaboration between Saftronics, the contractor and operational staff.


The project is scheduled to be completed on schedule with great success.

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