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Case Studies

Sewage - Treatment Works/ M1

 Key Features:  

  • Control Engineering
  • ControlLogix PLCs
  • CompactLogix PLCs
  • PLC 5
  • SLC 500
  • Simocode ProV
  • Dual Redundant
  • Dual Redundant
  • FTHistorianSE
  • Hirschmann Fibre Switches
  • Over 320 Intelligent Starters
  • Over 160 Intelligent Field Instruments
  • ControlNet
  • Ethernet
  • GSM - SMS
  • Dual Fibre Ethernet Rings
  • 59 PROFIBUS Marshalling Panels
  • 2 conventional Control Panels
  • Refurbishment & Re-automation of Control Systems
  • Telemetry Interfaces
  • Modification of existing MCC’s
  • Failure Mode & Effect Analysis
  • PICS Process Simulation

Project Overview


This is the second largest sewage treatment works in the UK serving a major city in the Midlands. In 2006 the Water Company embarked upon a  significant construction project to extend and refurbish and improve the treatment processes on site.


We were asked to help implement intelligent systems on the site. In particular to deploy our in-house library of engineering standards for Simocode ProV based intelligent starters and develop interfaces to ControlLogix PLCs and FTViewSE SCADA systems.


This combination had never been attempted before.


The intelligent infrastructure we manufactured and installed provides the client with increased status information so that they can interrogate the site and develop alternate failure response/new working procedures and to minimise the cost of treatment and maintenance. The intelligent systems should ultimately deliver significant efficiency gains, downtime reductions and help optimise labour utilisation.


Working in very close partnership with the client we developed the communications and control system designs for the site. Co-located project management, design and commissioning teams enabled improved project communications and collaborative technical/specification challenges that delivered significant cost reductions while at the same time cutting delivery periods.


Indeed, Saftronics and our client jointly developed the PROFIHUB panels deployed at the site that enable any single field instrument to be disconnected from the network at will without compromising the rest of the treatment process.


A new dual redundant state-of-the-art, SCADA system based upon FTViewSE & FTHistorianSE monitors the works with operator workstations located at strategic geographic locations.


The SCADA & Historian system is resilient to any single point of failure having a full dual redundant architecture.


The SCADA system provides a direct, fully unrestricted interface to the client’s telemetry master station.  This enables senior managers within their organisation to interrogate the plant directly from their desktop PC as if they were already at the site.


The vast majority of the control systems deploy multiple PROFIBUS DP or PA communications networks and this introduced new challenges for how each system could be tested and verified at various stages of the project.


Saftronics met this challenge in two ways:


1.  Using the PICS plant simulation software linked to multiple PROFIBUS slave communications cards we were able to simulate each PROFIBUS node without the device being connected at time of FAT.


2.  Testing and verifying each PROFIBUS network with proven diagnostic tools & certified PROFIBUS Commissioning Engineers identified all field wiring problems before commissioning of the control system commenced.


The result of this is that when instruments were connected at site the required signal verification was dramatically reduced and commissioning periods cut.


The intelligent systems were delivered ahead of schedule and put into service with minimal disruption to the existing treatment process.

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