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Case Studies

Case Studies

Water - Treatment Works/ O1

Key Features:  

  • Control Engineering
  • Design Consultancy
  • Allen Bradley RSView 32 SCADA
  • Site Wide DH+ Network
  • DH+ Communications
  • Ethernet Communications
  • Allen Bradley
  • 12 off SLC505 PLCs
  • Allen Bradley Control Logix PLCs
  • Allen Bradley PLC5s
  • 12 off Allen Bradley Panelview 550s
  • Allen Bradley Versaview SCADA IPC
  • Conventional MCCs

Project Overview


This Water Treatment Works treats water stored in a Reservoir before pumping it to a Service Reservoir which supplies areas in the North and the Midlands. The site is one of 18 major treatment works and can provide over eighty million liters per day of drinking water.


Scope of Works


In 2002 Saftronics were appointed to implement a site upgrade of the existing systems. This involved code rewrites to the existing PLC 5s and updating the HMI mimics to meet with the current STW standards.


In 2003 Saftronics were selected to manufacture, install and commission 5 new MCCs to improve the water quality at the site. This included new ferric dosing, polymer dosing, acid dosing and rapid gravity filters. The new MCCs are connected to the existing site wide DH+ network. The RGF control system consists of a supervisory control PLC connected to 12 individual control PLCs. A site wide Allen Bradley RSView 32 SCADA system had to be refurbished to incorporate the new control panels connected over the DH+ network.


Technology Platform


The site wide SCADA system utilises an Allen Bradley RSView 32 Client / Client architecture. The SCADA system communicates with the plant via the DH+ network.


Each of the Rapid Gravity Filter has a dedicated SLC 505 PLC to control the local operation of the filter. Each of the SLC PLCs is connected to a local HMI so that each filter can be monitored and controlled on an individual basis locally.


The master supervisory PLC has a DH+ sub network which is used to connect all the local SLC PLCs to the master.


The master PLC is used to control the sequence of the filters operation in order to maintain the required flow as well as passing data up to the SCADA system.


The supervisory PLC is connected via Ethernet to an Allen Bradley Versaview industrial PC which is used to mimic the site RSVeiw 32 SCADA.


The dosing MCCs are individual control panels connected on the DH+ network; each has an Allen Bradley SLC PLC connected to a Panelview Plus to control and monitor the local plant.

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