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Case Studies

Case Studies

Water - Supply Works/ WW1

Key Features:

  • Control Engineering
  • Design Consultancy
  • InTouch SCADA
  • Fibre Ethernet Ring using Siemens Scalance Switches
  • Ethernet Communications
  • Allen Bradley
  • 5 off SLC500 PLCs
  • 13 off PanelView + HMI’s
  • 4 conventional MCCs
  • Replacement and expansion of the existing site wide SCADA system

Project Overview


This Water Supply Works is designed to treat raw water from a reservoir source up to 21.8 MLD (908.33 m3/hr), fixed by the client’s abstraction license. However the abstraction flow is variable between a minimum of 4.40MLD to a maximum of 21.8MLD.


Saftronics was selected to implement the project in 2007. This project set out to overhaul, repair and extend the whole of the plant control systems in order to address significant weaknesses in the plant operation and to achieve the design through put of the works that was being restricted by the M&E infrastructure.


Scope of Works


Saftronics were appointed to implement a thorough plant control system overhaul in 2007 including the replacement of an out dated SCADA system, replacement of 9 off PanelView HMIs, expansion of the works by the addition of 4 new MCCs/PLCs/HMIs, construction of a site wide fibre optic Ethernet network between the controllers and large scale process modifications.


Technology Platform


The site SCADA system utilises a Wonderware InTouch v9.5 Client / Server architecture with VPN access for support. The SCADA servers were duty / standby units with RAID 5 configured hard disks hosting a MS Windows 2003 Server Edition O/S.


The existing 9 Allen Bradley PLCs were upgraded to accommodate Ethernet communications and the site communications networks were re-engineered to increase the speed and bandwidth and to enable a view anywhere approach. These PLCs were then equipped with new 10” colour HMIs.


The Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLCs were upgraded to SLC 5/05 and the process control software was re-written / heavily modified to amend the site control philosophy.


As part of a process upgrade 4 new PLCs/ MCCs were added to the control system.


During the process plant upgrade the site was maintained fully operational at all times. This was achieved through close collaboration between Saftronics, the contractor and operational staff and by Saftronics creating numerous interim versions of process code to facilitate step by step upgrades.


The project was completed ahead of schedule with great success.

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