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Case Studies

Case Studies

Replacing and Improving Process Areas

This Sewage Treatment Works, serving a major Midlands City and surrounding areas, has more than 15 PLCs installed at various locations around the works with over 60% requiring replacement or improvement over the past five years.

In 2002, we installed 5 new SLC5/04 PLCs to control the RAS and SAS process areas. These PLCs communicate with each other via DataHighway+ and communicate up to the site SCADA system via Ethernet TCP/IP.

  • In 2004, we installed 3 ControlLogix PLCs to re-automate the sludge thickening plant
  • In 2004, we audited the existing unreliable PLC software to uncover numerous faults in the code and re-wrote the PLC code to make the communications fully deterministic and reliable
  • In 2005, we completed a sludge thickening scheme using stand-alone Mitsubishi PLCs
  • In 2005, we completed the sludge digestion plant control system. This involved the introduction of a ControlLogix PLC communicating with the site SCADA system and other PLCs using dual redundant fibre optic Ethernet TCP/IP ring networks

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