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Case Studies

Plant Controls in the Park

Treating about 120MLD of water which is fed into a valley aqueduct this Water Treatment Works is in one of the UK’s biggest National Parks.

Among the challenges were providing the controls for a new GAC plant, and kalic and acid plants on the site; improving an unreliable existing control system; and improving the performance of a slow SCADA system.

Saftronics supplied 9 SLC 5/04 PLCs to control the GAC plant and a new RSView32 SCADA system to provide a high functionality operator interface.

We also extended one of the existing DataHighway+ networks on the site to incorporate the new PLCs.

  • In 2004, we provided plant control systems for the kalic and acid plants, adding two further SLC5/04 PLCs onto an existing DataHighway+ network each fitted with a Mitsubishi HMI
  • Our in-house team were then asked to review the old GAC plant because the control system was unreliable with a poor operator interface. In response, we re-wrote the PLC code to provide a better HMI, installed an RSView32 SCADA HMI and implemented an improved interface to the site SCADA system
  • We have also supported numerous signal information improvements for the site, including the installation of four new SLC5/0 PLCs. We have also designed a technical solution to the slow SCADA system performance, including a state-of-the-art communications hub into the main control room, eliminating all data bottlenecks on the site networks
  • We have now supplied or amended over 70 per cent of the PLCs on this site and made significant improvements to the plant control

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