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Case Studies

Case Studies

Controlling the Flow

From spring 2009, this Water Treatment Works is servicing approximately 26,000 customers and processing 14 million litres of water.

As part of the ongoing upgrades to the existing works we were asked to supply a single MCC panel to both interface with the existing plant and control and monitor a large number of new plant installations including a flow meter, pumps and sludge blending tanks. The scope of the project was constantly being updated and changed throughout its development and in addition, the deadline for completion was tight.

Saftronics was also asked to provide a solution to the site information and integration problems the water company were experiencing. Due to numerous previous upgrades the company had systems and information on different platforms and in different locations which needed to be collated in one place. 

We worked closely with both the consultant engineers and the design engineers to implement the changes, and, due to time pressures, we delivered the panel to site without a formal PLC and HMI test. To facilitate this unusual approach, our flexibility and innovative way of working meant we were able to test the panel hardware and software separately. The MCC was delivered to site after a full internal electrical test carried out at our factory, the PLC and HMI code was also tested at the factory and they were then integrated on site.

We also came up with several solutions to the challenge of integrating the new and old systems into one place, and after in-depth consultation with our staff the client selected a full site WinCC SCADA system.

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