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Case Studies

Case Studies

Controlling the Upgraded

A recent upgrade, including 2 new acid phase digestion (APD) tanks and a new sludge buffer tank, required a suite of new controls including a sludge recirculation control, temperature control and sludge transfer controls at a Midlands Sewage Treatment Works

Saftronics provided 2 MCC panels and we also modified an existing MCC panel PLC code to allow for additional communications and telemetry around the site and interfacing with existing equipment.

The process control design was based on complex calculations to work out the amount of volume to be transferred and treated each day.  Our experts developed two distinctly different modes of process control to test and trial, with the best performing version becoming the benchmark for all future projects. The calculations and process controls were revised and fine tuned on site by the design engineers with minimal impact on the operation of the site.

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