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Looking Forward

Looking Forward

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Saftronics has set environmental objectives to further reduce our carbon footprint, without having a negative impact on our product realisation.

Our activities to help achieve this include:

  • Monthly monitoring of energy and water consumption - feeding into initiatives to reduce consumption where possible, such as:
    • Energy efficient factory lighting;
    • Water efficient / waterless sanitary installations;
    • Intelligent heating time clocks;
  • Waste
    • Using our main waste management contractor, we have now achieved ‘zero waste to landfill’. Our general and mixed recycling waste is collected and goes to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). The mixed recycling is sorted into streams such as paper, cardboard, plastic etc. It is then bailed and sent to various reprocessors and is 100% recycled.The general waste undergoes a different process. The waste is subjected to various picking/sorting processes to extract any further recyclates which are then processed as above. The residual that cannot be recycled is then baled and wrapped and then sent to be used as RFD (Refuse Derived Fuel).
  • Reduced Business Mileage / Fuel Consumption

    Simple yet effective steps yield reductions in the time spent on the road, and the fuel needed for the journey:

    • Migrating vehicles to low emission models, and downsizing where appropriate;
    • Combining Satnav and gps tracking / mapping services to allow efficient routing of service personnel;
    • Expanding remote access services to reduce the need for return-to-base visits;
    • Encouraging the use of web and video conferencing;

We will continue to encourage, motivate and train all our staff to play a full part in minimising our environmental impact.

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