Intelligent systems devices for drive starters
Rockwell Automation DeviceLogix with Allen-Bradley E1, E1+, E3, E3+ and E300
Siemens Simocode ES for Simocode DP and Simocode ProV
Eaton C441 Motor Insight

Communications Protocols

Panel ratings
Non fault rated
26kA for 1 second
50kA for 1 second
50kA for 3 seconds
80kA for 1 second
120kA for 3 seconds
150kA for 1 second

Intelligent Panels and Systems

The features of intelligent systems allow them to be potentially smaller, simpler, more cost effective, easier to maintain and more flexible.

Saftronics were one of the first system integrators in the UK to develop and build intelligent systems as a standard product – standards that other system integrators now follow.

We have designed and built hundreds of bespoke intelligent motor control centres based on Rockwell, Siemens and Eaton products.

We have also designed and built a large number of withdrawable Sivacon panels complete with systems integration with Simocode and PROFIBUS network configuration across a wide range of industries.

We believe that with our pedigree and wealth of experience in intelligent systems, we are the first choice for our customers.

Key Features

  • pushbutton interfaces
  • pushbutton & graphical interfaces
  • fixed pattern
  • withdrawable
  • automatic parameterisation of replaced devices
  • multi platform solutions
  • extensive library of tested designs
  • reduced panel size
  • industry 4.0 ready