Safsource is an easy to use web based information and document change management system which gives you secure storage for your electronic documents.

Because safsource is fully web based, you can make your documents available to your team 24/7/365. safsource can be used from anywhere in the world - all you need is an internet connection and standard web browser - no plug-ins, no ActiveX, no software installation.

As your team creates and modifies documents, safsource tracks the changes, allowing you to easily maintain version history. In addition, users' activity is logged and presented in reports enabling you to review project development and the productivity of your team.

Whether you're working with MS Office™, Lotus Notes™, LibreOffice, photographs, CAD drawings, scripts, music or Zip files, you can use safsource.

"Safsource is the online electronic document change management and document storage system"

Safsource tracks and controls changes to thousands of system files, giving total change control over design & specification documentation, development and build data and ongoing maintenance records. safsource benefits include:

Total version control:

Reduces the risk of out of date software or programs being installed. Mitigates the risk of developing products from the incorrect version of the design documentation.

Data security:

Files are secured by restricted access to registered users only, remote storage and back-ups significantly reduce the risk of data loss. In addition to the high service levels offered, safsource can also be used as part of your organisation's Disaster Recovery policy.