Fault rating
Up to 150 kA for 1 sec
120 kA for 3 sec

3, 4 pole
Rating up to 7010 A
Top or rear

Power supply
Up to 690 V
3 phase, 3 and 4 wire

Panel depths
500, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 mm

Panel heights
2000, 2200mm + 100 or 200mm plinth

Withdrawable unit heights
100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700mm

Internal separation
Form 1 to 4b

Ingress protection
IP 30 to IP 54

Access: front / rear
Approach: top / bottom

Cable-connection compartment widths
400/ 600 mm (front access)
600 mm (rear access)

Standard service conditions
Peak 40 °C
24-hour average < 35 °C
Minimum -5 °C
Pollution degree 3
Altitude <2000 m
Peak 40 °C
24-hour average < 35 °C
Minimum -25 °C
Pollution degree 3
Altitude <2000 m

Withdrawable Sivacon Panels

Saftronics withdrawable MCCs and LV switchboards can be protected up to IP54. MCCs/ LV switchboards can accommodate up to 7010A and 690VAC supplies and are Fault Rated and Type Tested up to 120kA for 3 seconds or 150kA for 1 second. Arc Fault Containment to IEC / TR 61641 is available.

Our withdrawable panels provide stacking densities of up to 48 circuits in a single column leading to smaller plant / switch rooms. Numerous mechanical design features ensure that plant and processes can be upgraded or interchanged with minimal downtime or disruption.

All withdrawable units are provided with status indicators (connected, test and disconnected positions) and sturdy and reliable mechanical interlocks. Replacement of withdrawable units can be carried out without de-energising the panel.

Key Features

  • provided in withdrawable and fixed pattern formats
  • tested in accordance with IEC 61439-2
  • maximum personal and plant safety in the event of an arcing fault thanks to continuous testing - in accordance with IEC 61641
  • modular technology giving maximum flexibility
  • patented door locking system
  • long serviceable life thanks to patented, wear-resistant contact system
  • mechanical coding to prevent the unintentional swapping of withdrawable units of the same size
  • high packing density of drives and feeders with the use of miniature withdrawable units. Of the 200+ licenced Sivacon Partners worldwide, Saftronics are one of the few with this technology available.
  • simple exchange and addition of drives and feeders
  • can be configured to comply with Seismic testing standards IEC 60068-3-3, IEC 60068-2-6, IEC 60068-2-57 and IEC 60980